Curriculum Vitae

After completing my undergraduate education at Hacettepe University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, I completed my Master's Degree in Child Nutrition at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and my PhD in Internal Medicine - Nutrition Science at the same university. I continued my academic development by obtaining my Associate Professorship.

In my working life, following my university graduation, I continued my clinical work, which I started in a state hospital, as a Nutrition and Diet Specialist in International Hospital, which I took part in the establishment phase, in different private hospitals and clinics. In addition, I have been continuing my clinical studies in my own private clinic and I have been consulting my clients for about 30 years and I continue to provide professional information to my dietician friends as an academician in universities.

I support my clients by conducting further studies especially on the subjects I have expertise in (pregnancy, lactation, nutrition in childhood and diseases, nutrition in menopause, nutrition in adult diseases).

It is important to know that dietetics is not only counseling on issues such as weight loss or weight gain. In dietetics, I work to support people in planning nutrition according to age groups, special conditions and diseases; to provide personal education by using appropriate ways to understand the unknown of nutrition, which is a key to health, happiness and success.